Rinnia is one of the world’s most innovative gas heating appliance manufacturers, producing an extensive range of gas water heaters, home heaters and fires.  iGas is a warranted agent for Rinnai so are trusted to install, and provide after care and maintenance for all Rinnai gas products.  Talk to the friendly team at iGas about your Rinnai product and we can explain the details of your warranty and provide a full maintenance and repair service.

Some of the popular products in the Rinnai Range are:

Rinnai Infinity

The Rinnai Infinity range of gas water heaters come with a 10 year warranty, and are available in a range of sizes to suit homes with 1 to 4 bathrooms, providing from 16 litres to 32 litres hot water per minute.

Rinnai Gas Heaters for the Home

Rinnai’s range includes flued and portable gas heaters, and the wide selection available means there is one to suit ever application.  They come with all the latest safety features, including child locks, and have zero indoor emissions.

Rinnai Gas Fires

Rinnai has a wide range of inbuilt and freestanding gas fires suitable for any setting.

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